Managed OPA

Open Policy Agent Control Plane
  • Managed SaaS platform for rego authoring, testing, debugging, distributing and monitoring
  • Leverage CNCF’s de facto standard policy language across your cloud native stack
  • Easy deployment and integration via an ecosystem of SDKs, Middleware and database connectors
  • Git integration to have policies reviewed, tested, approved and only then distributed and enforced
Enterprise Grade OPA
  • Access to our library of 100+ rule templates and extra built in functions
  • Policy unit-testing, just like with application code – define “golden” policy tests that should never break
  • Superior performance using’s smart caching, providing policy decisions in sub millisecond latency


Enterprise Ready Scale & Support

Monitoring, auditing and alerting

Real time decision logs, integrating with your SIEM

24×7 support and access to our rego professionals

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