API Authorization

Plug & Play API Authorization
  • Build RBAC/ABAC within minutes leveraging external data sources 

  • Rule templates to build policies around identity, location, time and other context

  • Vast ecosystem of integrations with proxies, API gateways and other frameworks 

  • Fine-grained permissions over resources with 0 changes to code via an Envoy integration

  • Detect role, permissions and APIs that aren’t being used

Context Aware and Data Driven Architecture

Leverage attributes from external databases in real-time without impacting performance

On-demand access using Jira and ServiceNow

Easily define and enforce segregation of duties

Generate dynamic and context-aware policies

Central Control Plane for All of Your Access Policies
  • Policy-as-code, integrated with your git with proper SDLC
  • End to end policy management to build, manage and test all of your policies as code
  • Decouple access policy from your application code for better visibility and control
  • Cloud agnostic technology that works both in the cloud and on-prem
  • Understand the impact of your policies BEFORE you deploy them
Better Security and Compliance
  • Central command center
  • Visibility and analysis for traffic
  • Access control policies coverage
  • Migration path for fixing non-compliant APIs

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