Authorization. Simplified.

Build application RBAC and ABAC in minutes with fine-grained access controls and decoupled logic using our OPA-powered platform.


Authorization Policy

API Authorization

Function-level authorization

Control Plane

Discover and protect your application APIs with’s sidecar containers and middlewares.

Harness the power of a fully flexible policy engine to inspect inbound requests by identity, resource and context.

Simultaneously leverage user attributes from any data source and identity provider.

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Retrieve a list of user permissions from anywhere in your code – backend or frontend.

Discover everything you need to know about user and identity contexts beyond the claims stored in a JWT token.

Use our open-sourced SDKs, available in all popular languages.

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Author, test, deploy and manage all your authorization policies at scale.

Express access policies with a unique drag & drop policy builder or declarative policy language.

Satisfy security and auditors with complete visibility, audit logs and reporting.

Learn more is offering the first true authorization policy management platform, providing developers with the building blocks they need to quickly generate and manage best-practice authorization controls across enterprise applications at scale.

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Open Policy
Agent is a proud user and contributor of the Open Policy Agent (OPA),  an open-sourced general-purpose policy engine that unifies policy enforcement across security stacks.

We provide a simple and powerful way to bring this industry-leading policy engine to your organization.

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Why use

Control Plane

Manage, author, evaluate, distribute and monitor all of your policies across custom, disparate systems from a unified pane of glass.


Author policies with declarative language, our drag & drop policy builder and automatic policy suggestions based on runtime traffic.

Open Source

Extend and collaborate with other security-minded professionals on code that’s yours to keep!

Fast Deployment

Deploy and integrate your application with any identity provider, database and other API-based service in minutes, not days!

Lightweight & Performant

Meet all your authorization requirements with our agnostic, performance-optimized architecture. Learn more here.

“’s innovative approach allows developers to focus on developing apps at unprecedented speed without the burden of RBAC and ABAC implementation weighing them down.”

George Kurtz

CEO & Co-founder of CrowdStrike

“Security only scales when the whole team is empowered to protect. has built a unified and scalable authorization solution that goes beyond visibility and prevents problems before they happen.”

Conor Sherman

Host of the Confident Defense Podcast

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